QGIS 101

This is a hands-on introduction to geographic information systems (GIS), including basic concepts and terminology, data types, applications and desktop software. The workshop is designed to show attendees how GIS might be used in projects, theses and dissertations, and other research. We will use QGIS (free and open source software) and a class dataset, but the majority of skills taught are applicable to other types of geospatial data and software.

KU students, staff and faculty from any discipline are welcome to come. Please register if you would like to come, and attend the workshop if you register. This workshop may only be offered once a semester. Tell your friends, co-workers, and colleagues so we have enough attendees to make it go!

Data Analysis and Statistics
Research and Libraries
No handout is available
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We highly recommend that you attend any prerequisite workshops listed below since familiarity with the skills and concepts taught in them is essential to benefit fully from subsequent workshops.

However, if you have independently learned the skills and concepts of the required workshop(s), your "equivalent skills" will be accepted as a substitute for attending the prerequisite workshop(s).

To help you determine your skill level, click workshop titles below (if any) for descriptions which outline the topics taught in each workshop and that are assumed in later sessions. You are expected to know the commands and concepts listed within the descriptions for the prerequisite workshop. In most cases, you can also refer to workshop handouts and other helpful materials from the workshop description page.

In addition to any specific prerequisites listed, you should have, as a minimum, basic computing skills.