iClicker Classroom Response System


The classroom response clicker uses hand-held technology or a mobile app to facilitate student engagement with course content and provide a snapshot view of learner understanding during class.

KU has adopted the iClicker system as a university-wide standard. There is no cost to faculty to adopt the use of these devices, but there is some upfront work involved in setting up the software and planning lessons that incorporate the interactive features of the system.

When students submit their responses, the responses are picked up by a small receiver unit plugged into a computer. These responses are recorded and collated, and the aggregated data may be displayed on-screen as a bar graph or pie chart. This gives immediate feedback to students and the instructor about the learning in that class.  The grade information can also be uploaded to the Blackboard Grade Center.

This workshop will cover the basics of using the iClicker, along with a number of teaching strategies.  

Workshop Objectives:

By the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to:

  • Configure the iClicker software for classroom use
  • Configure the iClicker software to integrate with Blackboard
  • Create a polling session
  • Edit polling session for grading purposes
  • Upload polling session scores to Blackboard 

If this session date does not work out for your schedule, we would be happy to set up a one-on-one deskside consulting session, or even a customized departmental workshop. Details on how to request these are found on http://technology.ku.edu/training

For questions about this workshop, please contact KU IT Educational Technologist at itedtech@ku.edu or 785-864-2600.

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We highly recommend that you attend any prerequisite workshops listed below since familiarity with the skills and concepts taught in them is essential to benefit fully from subsequent workshops.

However, if you have independently learned the skills and concepts of the required workshop(s), your "equivalent skills" will be accepted as a substitute for attending the prerequisite workshop(s).

To help you determine your skill level, click workshop titles below (if any) for descriptions which outline the topics taught in each workshop and that are assumed in later sessions. You are expected to know the commands and concepts listed within the descriptions for the prerequisite workshop. In most cases, you can also refer to workshop handouts and other helpful materials from the workshop description page.

In addition to any specific prerequisites listed, you should have, as a minimum, basic computing skills.