IT/CODL: Blended/Flipped Classroom

Preparing to teach a hybrid/blended class can be a daunting process. But with a few tips and helpful suggestions, you can quickly learn to use technology to achieve your curriculum goals.

For some courses and instructors, class time can be used more effectively for discussions than lectures. “Flipping” the classroom means moving knowledge-gathering activities outside of class time with higher-level learning activities reserved for class time. For example, students might view your recorded lecture outside of class and come prepared with questions, comments and discussion points.

This workshop will focus on some of the common challenges faced when designing instructional activities for a blended, hybrid or “flipped” class, and recommended solutions to overcome these challenges. Join us as we share these pedagogical approaches and the technology options available in Blackboard, as well as other technology tools, to assist you with your blended, hybrid or flipped classroom.

Category(s):Instructional Development