Access 2010: Forms

Access Forms are an excellent way for users of a database to add or modify data. By using forms for data entry, a database designer can validate and control the data that enters a database as well as create an "easier" method of data input.

Additionally, forms can be used as a navigation object, or Switchboard, to direct a database user to the different areas of a database, even if the user has never used Access. In this workshop, participants will learn how to:

  • Create a form from a table or query using AutoForm
  • Create a form from a table or query using the Form Wizard
  • Create a form directly in the Design View
  • Modify a form in Design View
  • Add subforms for records in a form
  • Sort and filter records in a form
  • Format controls conditionally
Category(s):Office Productivity

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We highly recommend that you attend any prerequisite workshops listed below since familiarity with the skills and concepts taught in them is essential to benefit fully from subsequent workshops.

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